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The Driver Didn't See You

When the Automobile Driver Says, "I Didn't See the Biker"

Proud To Be a Biker

As you struggle to recuperate from a motorcycle accident ― whether you yourself were injured or you suffered the pain of losing a family member in a fatal crash ― you may recall the bumper stickers that say, "Start Seeing Motorcycles." Too often, claiming not to have seen the biker is an excuse motorists try to use after they have collided with motorcycles. We can help you assert your rights in scenarios such as these:

  • Car-motorcycle rear end crash
  • Illegal lane change forcing motorcycle off the road or onto a defective portion of the road such as a lane with cracks or potholes
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Running stop signs, red lights, yield signs
  • Head-on collision

As a motorcyclist who has passed safety courses and met all legal requirements for riding on public roads, you know that you have rights just as drivers of cars and trucks have rights on city streets, interstate highways and country roads.

If your traffic rights were violated by another driver who says, "I didn't see you," turn to an attorney for help. You are likely to need help obtaining the full compensation that you are entitled to from all sources after a motorcycle accident, including the insurance carrier of the driver who claims not to have seen you.

Did the driver of the car claim that he or she didn't see you before the crash? At Adame Biker Law, you can be sure that we understand. We're both devoted bikers and determined Texas personal injury professionals. We represent victims of car-motorcycle accidents statewide, from the Rio Grande Valley to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) and beyond.

Contact Adame Biker Law to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer after you have been injured or your loved one has died in a motorcycle accident or a truck or auto crash in Texas or elsewhere.