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Arrested for DWI/DUI on Your Motorcycle?

Contact a Texas Defense Lawyer

Adame Biker Law is a law firm built to handle motorcycle cases. We represent bikers and non-bikers alike in the practice areas of personal injury and criminal defense.

If you are a biker who been charged with DWI/DUI, drug possession or any other criminal offense, you don't have to face the charges alone. We are dedicated legal professionals who are also avid bikers. We understand issues that are particular to motorcyclists in DWI/DUI cases. These can include:

  • Was police error or bias behind the traffic stop that led to your arrest?
  • Did the law enforcement officer inform you of your rights before urging you to take a breath test or perform a field sobriety test?
  • How will a DWI/DUI conviction affect your right to continue operating a motorcycle?
  • How will your DWI/DUI charges affect other legal matters, such as a manslaughter charge if a pedestrian or motorist was killed in a collision with your bike while you were allegedly drunk?

Get a clear understanding of your legal situation by talking things over with a DUI defense attorney at Adame Biker Law. Contact us to arrange for a no-obligation, free initial consultation with an attorney. Allow us to explain how we can advocate on your behalf in pursuit of the best attainable outcome in your case:

  • Case dismissal
  • Reduction of charges
  • Reduction of penalties
  • Restoration or retention of your motorcycle license privileges

Were you arrested on DWI/DUI charges at a bike rally like Thunder in the Hill Country, Lonestar Rally, Republic of Texas Rally, Hogs of Texas, Roar by the Shore and South Padre Island Bikefest? We are a zealous defense firm representing people who have been charged with criminal offenses related to motorcycle operation statewide and beyond.

Our DUI defense law firm also represents non-bikers after drunk driving arrests: drivers of cars and trucks.