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About Adame Biker Law

Texas Attorney Protecting Bikers' Rights

After a serious motorcycle accident, you need a law firm to help you face your many challenges. Whether you were injured or lost a family member in a fatal motorcycle crash, talk to a lawyer promptly to pursue the most favorable outcome in your injury claim or wrongful death case.

At Adame Biker Law, you will find an attorney who knows what you need, knows your rights as a biker, and truly cares about your well-being during this difficult time.

Dealing with your insurance company is rarely as straightforward as it should be. At our Houston personal injury law firm, all your needs and concerns matter after a car-motorcycle accident, a pedestrian-motorcycle accident, a scooter or moped crash or a single-vehicle motorcycle crash in Texas or elsewhere.

A thorough investigation and aggressive advocacy are keys to obtaining the compensation you deserve to cover expenses and losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

Proud To Be a Biker

As an avid biker proud of your bike, you are no doubt also concerned about getting a fair settlement for property damage and losses. You naturally want to make sure that your bike is properly fixed or replaced. Our firm helps injured clients with property claims at no additional charge.

Did you, a biker, crash with a car or pedestrian? At Adame Biker Law, you can be sure that we understand your needs and concerns. Miguel Adame and David DeCasper are not only devoted bikers. They are also determined Texas personal injury professionals, one a lawyer, the other a paralegal. We understand the passions of motorcycle fans who frequent bike rallies like Lonestar Rally. We zealously represent victims of motorcycle accidents statewide, from San Antonio to Corpus Christi and beyond. Call or e-mail the law offices to schedule a consultation.

Our experience and passion in the practice of law on behalf of injured bikers enable us to advocate effectively for you after a motorcycle wreck in Texas. Contact the law offices of Adame Biker Law to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer after you have been injured or arrested, or after your loved one has died in a motorcycle accident.