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Road Defects/Hazards

Crashes Caused by Road Defects and Hazards

Texas Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Representing Injury Victims

Determining the cause of a motorcycle accident is not as straightforward as it may seem. Traffic conditions are not always the culprit. Sometimes it is discovered that a biker lost control because a highway was in poor repair. Road defects such as potholes and cracks in the road may have much more serious consequences for bikers than would be the case for cars traveling the same roads.

We Know that Road Disrepair Often Means the Difference Between Life and Death

An experienced personal injury lawyer is a valuable ally at a time of need after a serious motorcycle accident. Were you or was your family member injured at an intersection where red lights were used to form a 4-way stop after a natural disaster? Did your country road crash happen because someone had knocked down a stop sign?

Did cracks in the road or potholes on the city street you were riding down cause you to lose control in a single-vehicle crash when you leaned too far to one side to avoid the road defect? Were you nudged from behind by a car at an intersection or in a parking lot, causing your bike to fall over? Adame Biker Law welcomes biker injury victims with "minor" injuries, and not only catastrophic injury victims or surviving family members after a fatal crash.

At Adame Biker Law, you can be sure that we understand. We're both devoted bikers and determined Texas personal injury professionals. We understand the passions of motorcycle buffs who use motorcycles for daily transportation to work and school. We zealously represent victims of motorcycle accidents statewide, from College Station to Abilene and beyond.

Contact the law offices of Adame Biker Law to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney after you have been injured or your loved one has died in a motorcycle accident caused by road defects or hazards in Texas or elsewhere.

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