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Pedestrian/Motorcycle Accidents

Texas Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Representing Bikers and Pedestrians

Proud To Be a Biker

Opportunities for crashes involving motorcycles and pedestrians abound in many contexts: on city streets where pedestrians get off of buses and cross streets in a hurry; on country roads where residents may walk dogs or walk to mailboxes; in suburban parking lots; and, notoriously, at bike rallies including the following:

  • Thunder in the Hill Country, Bandera, TX;
  • Lonestar Rally
  • Republic of Rally (ROT)
  • Hogs of Texas
  • Roar by the Shore
  • South Padre Island Bikefest

Crowded conditions and revelry of thousands of people in a limited area may contribute to the incidence of pedestrian injury in such environments.

Whether you were injured on your bike, injured as a pedestrian when you were struck by a motorcycle, or lost a family member in either scenario, please know that we are here to listen, advise and help. Attorney Miguel Adame and paralegal David DeCasper are bikers themselves. Our firm is very familiar with the many issues that motorcycle-pedestrian injuries at biker rallies may bring up:

  • Questions of right of way and liability
  • Questions of motorcycle maintenance and defects
  • Questions of speed
  • Questions of insurance
  • Rehabilitation needs of a victim who has suffered a brain injury, spinal injury or road rash in a pedestrian-motorcycle accident
  • Dram shop questions: Was a motorcyclist or pedestrian influenced by alcohol after a vendor sold them drinks despite their drunkenness?
  • Was a DUI/DWI citation given to the biker after the bike-pedestrian collision?

At Adame Biker Law, you can be sure that we understand your perspective and your challenges after a motorcycle-pedestrian accident resulting in injury. We're both devoted bikers and determined Texas personal injury professionals We attend bike rallies like South Padre Island Bikefest and zealously represent victims of motorcycle accidents statewide, from Galveston to Huntsville and beyond.

Contact the law offices of Adame Biker Law to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer after you have been injured or your loved one has died in a motorcycle-pedestrian crosswalk accident in Texas or elsewhere.