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Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents

No Other Drivers Involved in Your Motorcycle Accident?

Talk With a Texas Attorney who Can Help - and is Proud To Be a Biker

A single-vehicle motorcycle accident was not necessarily "all your fault." Just because you were alone ― or just because your loved one who died in a bike crash was alone ― does not mean that the biker was at fault. Many circumstances beyond the control of the cyclist can lead to single-vehicle crashes, including the following:

  • A biker may be forced off the road by a truck or car which passes by without leaving a trace. Was it essentially a "hit and run" without a crash? Or did the driver of the other vehicle truly "not see the motorcycle," and drive on by without realizing that he or she caused a wreck to happen?
  • A motorcycle may contain defective parts or composition. Was the bike recently repaired or taken in for maintenance, and the motorcycle handle bars left loosely connected? Yes, it happens that repair shops make mistakes when putting motorcycles back together, resulting in hidden dangers to the biker traveling at high speed.
  • A road defect, missing signage or construction zone hazards may leave a biker in a dangerous situation when the motorcycle encounters a crack in the road, a pothole or an inadequately marked detour.
  • A motorcycle rider may be blinded by sun at a crucial point in the road where visibility is required to navigate a curve correctly and avoid a tree or wall.
  • If the accident was fatal, we can help you pursue compensation that includes coverage of funeral costs for your loved one.

At Adame Biker Law, you can be sure that we know bikes, we know insurance, we know the law and we understand the challenges that you face after a single-vehicle motorcycle accident. As devoted bikers and determined Texas personal injury professionals, we understand the passions of motorcycle enthusiasts who ride for fun and for work. We zealously represent victims of motorcycle accidents statewide, from Beaumont to Pasadena and beyond.

 Contact Adame Biker Law to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer after you have suffered a broken collar bone, a shoulder injury or a catastrophic injury in a motorcycle accident in Texas or elsewhere.